Gender : the society’s suggestions

From Genesis in the Bible, the first part of the Man created was male (Adam), so the society assume than the  best predominance kind of a child must be a “BOY”. That is why the race for male race is the source of the imbalance to the divine order called today the gender inequality.Male and their society established all sort of blinded and foolish values and customs, institutions to perpetuated their self proclaimed dominance; with the ultimate goal of upgrading the nature to suit their self destructive motive, ruling female race. The male race is the responsible for the Gender inequality with their unnecessary quest for power and leadership in this world.

However, the male race came first with these folk wisdom of sex-selection to manufacture a greater number of “boys”: to choice the right position; to go for the “O”; to monitor the moon; to watch what you eat.After, these aberrations  trying to sweep aside the position of God as the creator of the universe, the architect of his content in terms of living being.

The obstinate lust of the male race brought him to invest heavily into medical research in order to balance family dynamics.The option of having a male or a female as a wish for those who are wealthy.

For our consumption,  let us present briefly the three more sophisticated sex-selection methods available to today’s moms…each also involving significant drawbacks and countless ethical considerations:

-the X chromosomes (female) in sperm are larger and denser than the Y chromosomes (male). Sperm is filtered through a human serum, which separates the faster swimming male sperm from the slower female sperm.

-preimplantation genetic (PGD) woman’s eggs are surgically removed from her ovaries and then fertilized with her partner’s sperm in a laboratory dish.

-sperm is stained with a special dye and then, run through a machine than can distinguish male DNA from female DNA in the sperm and sort out the unwanted gender (Microsort).

This are the attempts of the male race to keep the momentum of many “boys” for fewer or better no “girls” in order to influence God’s will for the benefit of the so called “the fertility industry”.

to be continued!



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