Gender issue:who’s responsibility

In the corner of my office, i wish to continued with my gender brainstorming.It seems to be right that at birth, there are more than two (2) girls against one(1) boy.How do the society as a whole assure not only the survival of the kind but the happiness of each of them. In my fatherland, as referred to our so proudly called traditional values, it is the responsibility of the boy to go for the wife at the mainstream.Let extend our scope and advocate the generalization of the of boys to married as they wish; we will still have a balance of girls with no friend.However, it is the right of girls to choose to live in a union, the rest of their life with a boy.The truth said:two together is better than one.
How do we manage with the people without partner especially girls in order to enable them to fulfill their natural emotional desires as key input to their personal well being;do the society have made any provision in terms of moral values,education,all sort of community investments in order to alleviate the imbalance drowned by the nature, which can not produced in terms of demography one boy to one girl.
to be continued…


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