Stubbornness the way to responsibility

To stay that a person is responsible is to say that he is capable of correctly answering the question of what is right in the moral, legal, political and other aspects.Any responsibility is based on knowledge of what is necessary in the interests of the group and a society as a whole.A human being cannot be regarded as a cybernetic machine processing information fed into it.It is responsibility that expresses the individual’s appraisal of the ability to be a personality, to control the actions, to combine words and deeds, to be able to use his freedom rationally.If we want to decide whether the given individual could or could not have acted differently our criterion is primarily, the objectives circumstances and possibilities, while the measures of responsibility is decided by the degree to which the individual make intentional use of the available opportunities.This can also been achieved if we call the positive aspect  of stubbornness, in other words determination.


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