Gender issue:male or society responsibility

The ladies day have been celebrated some few days ago; most especially with a lot of excitement and glamour in my fatherland.Perhaps, at the evening of that memorable day i questioned myself;what are they (ladies) really looking for? Who suppose do address the issue of gender equality in our community?

My wife by trying to give a meaning to my concern gave me some shocking facts than can scientifically  been uttered.She said that to give birth to a child, a male and female must come together with a contribution of 50% each; however, in a sample of 10 children, 7 are female & 3 are male.If these facts are true, we are witnessing the first stage of inequality (demography). Let stop at this stage and tried to dream at an answer.Can we as the society help the procreation to balance of male to 50%?

TO BE CONTINUED, my battery is running down, i am in the bus!


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