The inexperienced Goodness

Psalm 31:19 “Oh! how great is your goodness, which you have laid up to those who fear you, which you have worked for those who take refuge in you, before the sons of men!”

As  Christians we naturally testified based on visible  countable blessings experienced.These testimonies are meant to build or strengthen the faith of others and highlighted the greatness of the God we are serving.However, all these tangible blessings of ours are but pale shadows and suggestive of the real wealth that we can have only if we live in continual communion with God:

For examples, how can we value the spiritual sweetness of quiet minds and strength for work;the joys of communion with God (John 15:7); the sweetness of the hopes that are full of immortality; and all these countless delights and manifestations of God’s inmost love and sweetness which are granted only to waiting hearts that shut themselves off from the tumultuous  and unnecessary delights of earth as the bases of their trust or the sources of their gladness(Psalm 67:5-7), these are fuller better than the privilege and richest of the joys that the world can give.

The greatest challenge for us, is to  stop believing  that the best good is the visible one, the one we can touch and taste and handle and that men can see!No! No, deep down in our hearts a joy that  you must experienced the lively presence of Jesus (Colossians 1:27). Indeed,  from the nature of God flows Faith;Hope & Love. This is the good news  for men, in which all the endeavors of this life and the life to come are rooted. These undeserved favors are not  publicly given, because he cannot flying broadcast into the world, but which he keeps to his faithful, that means those who desire them & are fit for them.


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