The speech:Source of persuasion

A common dictionary defined “speech” as the faculty of uttering, articulate sounds or words.The ability to speak or to use vocalization to communicate.However, “sounds” is a sensation perceived by the ear caused by the vibration of air or some other medium.Finally “words” is a debate or conversation, an argument…lines in a script.All these put together means for a natural man on the street a way to express an idea.

How can a speech brings the people on the spot to change their mind set?In other words do a speech have an unnoticed power?

The speech have a power, is the most valuable gifts that God, creator of the universe had given to us as the peak of his creation in order to communicate.But today the science of psychology puts at our disposal the understanding  of three theories  that put man’s life in  a driving seat: persuasion, motivation and influence.These concepts eluded that MAN can have everything he wants in life;he will gain instant influence over others and inspire others to take action;better they will be empowered the adept to acquire unshakable confidence as a future magnet of success.This is a latest most fashionable mode of communication,generally when the content is not substantial.

The reality is shocking because the speech last a few moments, after that moment of flourishing euphoria in terms of hope, the speech’s owner is preparing a new speech in order to enable him to sustained the momentum. The culture of emptiness & nothingness.The most important  free tool in order not to be wash away by the excitement of promises,which later will be stressful; is to scrutinized coldly the integrity of the speaker in the light of God’s word“the integrity of the upright guide them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity” (Proverbs 11:3).






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