Partnership with the wicked

According to the scriptures the wicked is principalities, powers, world’s rulers of the darkness of this age, evil spiritual forces in the heavenly places.(book of Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12);the aim of the wicked by nature is to destroy, to kill, to afflict, to share tears, to steal, to mislead (book of John chapter 10 verse 10); for the wicked there is no arguments for second hearing, there is no trust,nothing is predictable. However, in the contrary, the originated partnership is life abundantly, everlasting increase and peace.this ultimate partnership is run by Jesus Christ, the one who through his divine mercy can considered the weaknesses,or the shortfalls  of the other partner in any deal pertaining to his nature and give him an opportunity  to amend by drawing on his behalf a plan by his grace for the fullness of the partner (book of John chapter 14 verse 6).


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