roads accident in my fatherland:Cameroon


This have been a great and passionate concern for a common man; why did our roads killed so much people?

My common sense is drove by some keys observations:

  • the design of the roads which do not considered the geographical relief, they are too much curves with non standardized angles.
  • The choice of materials as components of quality asphalt and the technical layout, are out of date, of the international norms of right composition. The thickness of the bitumen to be able to allow a certain type of heavy trucks and equipment.
  • They so-called highways have no ” rest areas ” equipped with restroom  and shopping mall. Insufficient road traffic signs board.
  • The human factor with unqualified seasonal drivers and the irresponsibility of the officials in charge of implementing the rules and regulations; in others words to ensure that the roads users ( included the pedestrians ) have cars in technical good shape and are physically and mentally in good health.
  • The temporal reception of the Public Works Contracts with common engineers without any quality warrant labor; the absence of a long-term partnership agreement in maintenance and investment. The wrong source of funding for a long term fixed asset.

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