ARTS: The way forward for increasing returns

When you look round in our financial environment you found all sort  of financial institutions with premium target the production, the buying & selling of goods and services.There is no financial institution with prime market been the enhancement and nurturing of raw  artistic talents (body,image,editing,movie,music,painting, sports,sculpt,writing industries… etc)based on our  unlimited cultural values.

The classical arguments of the economic slow down is the falling price of the world market for the third world countries related to the exportation of the natural & raw materials.Since the acceptance of the quadrilateral market between America-Europe-Asia-Africa.The third world attract capital only when raw material is involved.Our countries themselves have no political willingness to create  an enabling environment for the promotion of artistic talents as genuine and sustainable source of cheap and abundant capital.How many untold stories do we have without scripts?Let us adopt the economical growth model based on the development of arts as final product for international consumption.Because the input is available and unlimited (more than 70% of youth); the production process is mastered by the producer, and the market conditions are determined by him.That means the redirection of heavy investments in these sectors of speedy growth with exponential value added for inclusive brighter future for all.



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