Young couple the challenge of joy

When they are two factors in the new married couple;within less than two years there are children (1) soon after, one partner in the relation ,especially the lady have a job (2) in the private institution where there is a culture of performance.
in Cameroon, the acceptable perception role of the wife is the responsibilities of the household activities, plus the complete education and care of the children.The husband believed his duty as the head of the family ( project) is to look for incomes.In the case,where there is a potential shifting in family roles,the husband find it unbearable to sometimes find himself deeply involved in the daily care of the children on the behalf of the wife, while she is busy in the office for at least eight hours daily.The young husband will create all sort of subterfuges in order to justified is indisposition(leisure time with friends;potential business contacts for job;etc…). The young wife find herself in the middle of all fires(her family,her husband,her job;herself;the community);the stress is so much that she started questioning the decision she made of agreeing to become partner in this family project,there is no more room for joy (extreme happiness). The husband in order to cover that misunderstanding result to violence and unnecessary doubt.
there is no Cameroonian common law to protect the rights of the young wife in order to enable her to live a life of total fulfillment considering that she is unreplaceable pillar of her family.This is a great and real gender issue for women in the celebration of international woman day on the 8th march 2017.What is the essence of training our girls into universities as future leaders if the society as a whole is not willing to acknowledge them as valuable stakeholders in the prosperity of this nation?


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