Tax property in Cameroon:the elusion for revenue increase

An analysis of the property tax in Cameroon reveals that is the lowest paid tax,in view of the the larger number of people owning real estate.
The government in synergy with the local councils have decided to widening the tax base by including the usufructs (non owners);despite the fact that some people of this category have occupied marshlands,swamps,wetlands, to the extend of overlapping into state lands & property.
The usufructs believed because the treasury have received their tax property that represented the recognition of the government their ownership on the land;their receipt is the proof that they have engaged the formal process of the genuine land title.The government have opened a pan for unbearable and impoverishment of the state with overgrowing lawsuits to manage. that is the elusion of revenue increase.
This is the call for strengthening of the project on land tax security with the creation of a joint committee gathering tax officials,experts of the local councils & department of land affairs in order to combine efforts to publish online accurate land map for sustainable income growth.


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