The call for wisdom

If the Cameroonian state abide by the interests of the others stakeholders of the Sub Education System (SES), using English language and contextualized cultural values in order to overhauled the current overpraised system.

the great concern is  to ask if the new system bring value added TRUST too for the majority group (60-70%), representative of Parents and Pupils using the the French language with non local based social & cultural background located in these regions?

If the current system was so worst, why did it have attracted praises for more than half century for so many users of french language and non local based populations with absolute different perspectives and social & cultural background?

Can any intelligence give us today the trend of LOSSES  related to the Gross Domestic Product of these Regions dues the potential withdraw of the majority group into the new (SES) because of MISTRUST?In others words “mistrust” is the assurance of sharing undervalued and expensive new Sub Education System.

The way out is the TRUST in GOD as reflected in the book of Psalms 56:3-4;the fear of the Lord Jesus Christ is the true WISDOM (JOB 28:28).


One thought on “The call for wisdom

  1. For real the fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom.
    What should be the wise attitude in face of this serious social issue that caused a lot of hurts, damages and lost to so many people?
    Being wise here seems to be difficult.


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