The ability to promotion

I n our search for promotion do we acknowledge that there is a journey which is junked with shifting seasons and suddenlies. However, the fashionable concept our “we can do” have received a populist and enthusiastic welcome, up to the extend where  even Christians themselves have lost focus to the fact that, the spiritual maturity […]

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The competence of joy in waiting!

 Instant gratification is the need to experience fulfillment without any sort of delay or wait. With the abundance of instant gratification, younger generations became accustomed to immediate feedback; the erosion of their patience have led to overwhelming challenges. There is no way around slow, sometimes excruciating periods of growth. It is difficult to recognize that […]

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Jesus as a Shepherd.

Since shepherding was one of the more common occupations in Bible times, the Biblical writers often used sheep and shepherds as metaphors to communicate some very important truths. God is Israel’s loving shepherd, guiding them throughout their history. God’s people are like sheep-helpless, dependent, easily led astray, yet so precious to their owner. In his […]

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